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Weekly update for February 3

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Weekly update for February 3

Silence is golden – that’s how the saying goes, the reality is quite different.

With a large portion of the staff attending the Learning Technologies 2017 show in London, it’s been as quiet as a tomb around the opulent Velsoft universal headquarters.

It’s not like those old western movies where the heroes are on edge because “It’s quiet, too quiet.” but the kind of quiet that evokes images of staffers hard at work on projects, with little time for distraction.

Appearances can be deceiving.

Once I started really listening to the silence, things became apparent.

Things like Sandra muttering curses to herself as she filled another order for coffee cream and toilet paper.

Ian Smith opened so many cans of pop one day it sounded like waves crashing on the beach.

Keith spent plenty of time rocking back and forth in his chair mouthing ‘elearning’ over and over.

Kevin was either playing the theremin in his corner or getting plenty of text messages.

I could hear Nathan in his office drinking from the fish tank in between his trips to the water cooler.

A constant stream of chatter from Marty’s office revealed that he spent more time on the phone ordering stuff from online merchants than he did talking to customers.

And that was just on our side of the office.

It might get better when the rest of them come back, but then we’ll have to listen to Dave singing. So I guess it really won’t.

What’s In the Pipeline:

  • The February Courseware Assurance releases were Microsoft OneNote 2016 and Workplace Health and Safety: The Supervisor’s Role and Responsibilities.
  • Dan is writing SharePoint Foundation 2016: For Site Owners.
  • Jan is working on elearning courses.
  • Kevin Henderson is researching Trade Show Staff Training.
  • Kim is writing SharePoint Foundation 2016: For Users.

Tech topics:

  • Work is in progress on several custom projects.

Course Count:

Here is the official count of courses for both courseware and eLearning, broken down by Computer and SoftSkills.

ComputerSoftSkillsTotal Courses


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