According to i-Sight, a complaint management software company, “taking appropriate corrective action after an incident ensures your workplace is safe, functional and enjoyable for employees,” as no company is immune from accidents, misconduct and other incidents.

“Think of corrective actions as improvements to your organization that you didn’t know you needed until an incident occurs. They rectify systemic issues to make your workplace safer.”

Along with having safer workplaces, there are many other advantages to initiating and implementing a corrective and preventive actions process.

An article by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals notes that the benefits to having an effective corrective and preventive actions system include reducing overall cost, meeting regulatory requirements, having more efficient processes and procedures, and focusing on continuous improvement rather than on a reactive approach.

Corrective and preventive action can be used by any organization to improve quality and business processes, detect and solve process and quality problems, and create programs that help steer clear of future problems.

Corrective and preventive actions systems prevent recurrence and occurrence, enabling companies to be proactive instead of reactive.

Cavendish Scott, an ISO management system consulting, auditing and training organization, says that the benefits of performing effective corrective actions are much greater than receiving a certificate to hang on the wall or appeasing a customer. “The benefits have a greater impact on solving problems so that they don’t recur, reducing the number of firefighting resources needed and the return on the investment of resources that are used for the process.”

As said by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals: “Remember, it takes time to establish a CAPA program that properly resolves the true root cause to serious problems. However, when implemented correctly, a CAPA program can be beneficial to every organization.”

Velsoft’s latest courseware release details the corrective action process, exploring how collaborative problem-solving can lead to the root causes of problems, deficiencies, or nonconformities so that the process can be used to correct problems and verify the success of these actions.

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