Crafting courses that truly resonate with learners can be a daunting task as it requires constant attention to detail and adherence to best practices. So, whether you’re a seasoned e-learning developer or just starting out, here are some key things to consider when creating your courses.

Developing courses using Articulate 360 can be a powerful way to deliver engaging and effective e-learning content. We will be using Velsoft’s Communication Strategies course, which was created using Articulate 360, to illustrate the key tips.

Where to Start 

Some things to think about when beginning a course include: 

Needs Assessment: It is always important to begin by knowing your organization’s goals and objectives. Conducting a training needs assessment will help you identify where skills gaps exist in your organization and how you can address them with a course. 

Identify your Instructional Design model: When developing eLearning, it is necessary to have a development process that is informed by industry best practices. Three commonly used models are: ADDIE, Backward Design and Merrill’s Principles of Instruction. (Note: We will look at these in a future post.)

Content Structure: Begin by outlining the structure of your course. Divide it into logical sections and modules to ensure a coherent flow of information. Consider what mix of text, images, videos, and interactive elements you want to use to keep learners engaged.

Accessibility: Ensure that your course is accessible to all learners, including those with disabilities. Provide closed captions for videos, and design navigation controls that are easy for everyone to use.

What to Include 

Here are a few things to include in your course. 

1. Pre-Course Assessment:

A pre-course assessment helps to gauge the learner’s baseline comprehension of the topic. In this case, the pre-course assessment helps learners determine their current knowledge and understanding of communication concepts.

2. Content Structure and Organization:  

A course should begin with a clear outline of learning objectives, which form the various sessions of the course. In the Communication Strategies course, topics include identifying common communication problems, developing skills for asking questions, and more. The content is structured logically, providing a cohesive narrative that builds upon previous knowledge.

3. Activities:

Activities help reinforce learners’ understanding. Included in each session of the Communication Strategies course are activities and quizzes to ensure there is reinforcement with what they are learning. 

4. Accessibility and User Experience:  

When developing an e-learning course, it’s important to keep accessibility and user experience in mind.

This course prioritizes accessibility, with text presented in a legible font size and contrast ratio, ensuring readability for all learners. Navigation menus are intuitive, allowing users to easily navigate between sessions and access supplementary resources.

5. Responsive Design for Any Device:

Because people access courses on a variety of different devices, from desktop computers to smartphones, course design should adapt to the user’s device.

With responsive design, the Communication Strategies course adapts seamlessly to various devices. Learners can access the course content anytime, anywhere, whether they’re studying at home or on the go. The responsive layout ensures that images and text remain clear and readable, regardless of screen size.

6. Iterative Improvement and Feedback Loops: 

Once a course has been developed, thoroughly test it to identify any errors or issues. Solicit feedback from beta testers or colleagues to gain insights into areas for improvement.

Throughout Velsoft’s development process, stakeholders and subject matter experts provide feedback using Articulate 360’s review features. Iterative revisions ensure that the course content remains accurate, engaging, and relevant.


Putting these tips into action will ensure that you are creating engaging courses that flow well and provide value to the learner during their time with your course.  

You can download the Communication Strategies course for free now, giving you a peek into what has made Velsoft a leader in the ed-tech industry.