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Weekly update for April 8

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Weekly update for April 8

The Velsoft music playlist is something to be considered carefully lest you get tainted by the same sort of affliction that drives these folks to make such bizarre musical choices.

A little background first. Since we all have access to computers and headphones and smartphones and so on, music is always at our fingertips. Sometimes that’s a good thing to help with creativity and other times it’s a hindrance, such as when we have to listen to Marty sitting in his office singing along to ‘It’s Raining Men.’

Anyway, I decided to conduct a rigorous, highly scientific informal poll of favourite songs in our workplace. (By informal I mean that I didn’t ask anyone, I just figured out what they like to listen to, or should.)

It turns out that although Dave claims to be a huge Van Halen fan (and by extension a fan of the world’s best-named band ‘Minivan Halen’) I deduced that his all-time most requested song is the Big Mac jingle from McDonald’s. You know the one: ‘two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese…’

Ian Taylor (I’m pretty sure of this) loves the theme song from the old Batman series. Here it is in its entirety: Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman! As you can guess, it’s the only song that Ian remembers all the words to.

I could dig deeper into my research and post all the sordid details for my loyal readers, but I feel that by this point you’ve suffered enough.

I will leave you with my choice. When I look around the office it’s obvious - People Are Strange, by the Doors.

What’s In the Pipeline:

  • Kevin H is writing Developing a Safety Procedures Manual for May.
  • Dan is writing PowerPoint 2016 Part 2.
  • Jan is on vacation.
  • Kevin D is writing Excel 2016: PowerPivot.

Here’s what the tech guys did this past week:

  • Work is in progress on a new course editing tool.
  • Work is in progress on performance improvements.

Course Count:

Here is the official count of courses for both courseware and eLearning, broken down by Computer and SoftSkills.

ComputerSoftSkillsTotal Courses


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