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A Letter to My Velsoft Family

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A Letter to My Velsoft Family

I’ve been managing Velsoft’s Social Media presence and communications for the past year or so. It was a shaky start, not because I was any stranger to using Facebook or Twitter, but because I was responsible for representing the company’s message, and those who stood behind it. I had never done that before, but nevertheless, through blog reading and trial and error, I learned how to do it.

Yesterday I posted an article written by our Content Director about how leaders can build trusting relationships in the workplace. But today, I wanted to post my own message – today is the last day I will be working out of our office in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia as I am moving to Fredericton. Although I will still be working with Velsoft, I will not arriving at the office anywhere between 8:59 and 9:01 every morning (sorry guys – if only I could just wake up on my first alarm).

This means I won’t arrive in the morning to see a surprise coffee on my desk, or a spread of Tara’s baked goods on the table. No more lunch time Acropole pizza parties or potlucks directed by our Potluck Manager; Marty.

On the bright side, at least I won’t have to hear Jim and Dave both tell me that they “didn't even see me come in” whenever I wear my camouflage pattern shirt, or have Ray ask me if I was coming to make him a coffee every time we crossed paths in the kitchen. And perhaps most relieving, I won’t have to pretend that I have any idea how to answer the phones in the office. They all ring – but it’s only to one of the phones? But some lines can be answered on any phone? Absolutely confusing.

However, the point here is that, I will miss the culture at Velsoft. A culture which balances a fun-joking environment where we “leave our pride at the door” as Dave says – with a culture that cares about the success of Velsoft and our customers. We aren't a huge team, but I think that sometimes works to our advantage. It allows for a lot of collaboration and communication between roles. If the promotion that marketing is running that month isn't getting much bite, the sales team will let them know, and they can collaborate for a solution.

So thank you to the whole Velsoft team for helping me learn and develop new skills, and friendships. Like I said, I will still be working with Velsoft remotely, so Ian and Brandon aren't completely spared from my tech inquisitions, and the sales team won’t be free of my irrelevant email subject lines popping up in their email inbox. But for now, at least you all don’t have to cater to my above average office temperature needs. 

-- Steff


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