Think of your workplace as your backyard. You have heard the expression: a good fence makes good neighbors. It is a good contractor, however, that builds a good fence: a contractor that is trade-certified, experienced, talented, and motivated to produce a quality product on time and on budget.

Think of a well-designed and delivered benefits package as your fence, you (the employer) as the contractor, and your employees as the neighbors.

Higher incomes can help attract and retain employees, but only to a point: employers can only handle so much payroll, and truth be told, employees are looking for more than cold, hard cash. Savvy employees today want benefits that provide some security for themselves and their loved ones, and they want to be appreciated in the workplace.

Two fundamental elements to most employee benefits packages are health care and income protection.

There is a vast array of these types of products available, meaning a custom package can fit the needs of any workplace, regardless of budget, employee numbers, or needs. Working closely with a consultant, you can evaluate your existing benefits program, or implement a new one that can provide a solid return on investment. That is exactly what your benefit purchase is: an investment in your employees and in the future of your company.

Employees, whether single or with families, rely on a health benefits package to help deal with these necessary and often unforeseen costs. Income protection includes disability insurance, life insurance, and other products designed to help employees and their families deal with the financial hardship resulting from accident, illness, or death.

A benefits package of any size carries a cost, but like any good investment, the rewards are bankable. If you are competing for unique talent, a benefits package may make the difference between you hiring your key person or languishing with a position to fill. In the workplace, employees who know their financial future has some protection will be less distracted, more productive, and more loyal. Benefits at work reward not only your employees, but you and your company as well. And that is quality you can count on, every time.