Managing Customers’ eCourse Expectations

The Velsoft eCourse Design and Development Process ensures the sales, production and project management departments work together to manage internal and external expectations.

Establishing a collaborative relationship from the beginning ensures we build a foundation that supports all stakeholder expectations.  Working from a Statement of Work (SOW) and preliminary discussions with clients, our discovery phase offers the opportunity for everyone to get to know each other – to meet the team and communicate goals, and to ask questions – lots of questions. This includes the project kickoff.

Before we begin development, we will provide a document design that builds from the development we  discussed in the Statement of Work process. From there, a Course Prototype is developed that when signed off by the client, is used as a touchstone for the Development process.

We then use project timeline tracking, an online project/ticket request program and a lateral corporate structure to ensure that information is easily accessed and tracked. This ensures that the final product meets the customer’s expectations.

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