Six Velsoftians were willing to put their New Year’s Resolutions out there.  Congratulations! You now have a chance to be in the less than 10 per cent of people who are successful in keeping their resolutions! To increase your chances of success in this area:  make your resolutions realistic and reward yourself periodically for sticking to your resolution.

So here are the things the Velsoft team members resolve to do in 2018:

Jean (International) get more than six hours of sleep per day, exercise program, modify diet and learn Spanish.

Carol (Senior Editor) To celebrate the New Year, I resolve to continue to eat chocolate, and to read more. I don’t do either thing enough 😉 … Jim (CEO) laughed at me one day when I was reading a novel at my desk at lunch time and taking a “break” from my work, which involves a lot of reading. I may have been eating chocolate at the time… But seriously, I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions. If I decide I want to do something in my life, I don’t wait until the year changes to do so.

Dave (Account Manager/ Learning Consultant) I resolve to be happier and make more money this year. In other words, I need to make changes… Oh, the changes…

Michael (CHO) Stop smoking and start at the gym!

Cindy (Account Manager/ Learning Consultant) I don’t have New Year’s Resolutions, but I reaffirm areas in my life that I would like to see continued growth and development. So, this year, every day, I would like to see the world and the people in my world and beyond in a positive, respectful and loving light. To find the good despite the bad.  So, I choose this path and I will try to stay on it the best I can.

Dylan (Mr. Graphic) While I do not believe in the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, the timing for my decision to join the gym is rather coincidental.

What’s in the Pipeline:

  • Carol and Kevin are still learning all about marketing and editing March releases.
  • Ian S. is doing maintenance on our eLearning courses.
  • Jan is creating eLearning for our January releases and applying our new course templates.
  • Keith is working on February CA course releases.
  • Sydney is working on custom projects.

 Tech topics:

  • Work is in progress on Gamification/Badging.
  • The developer tools button will be relocated to the editor toolbar in the coming weeks.
  • Work is in progress on expiration reminders.

Course Count:

Courses released this month:

Here is the official count of courses for both courseware and eLearning, broken down by Computer and SoftSkills.

Computer SoftSkills Total Courses
Courseware 285 165 450
eLearning 879 164 1043


Did you know:

The top New Year’s resolutions for 2017,  according to K International were:

  • Diet, exercise and weight loss
  • Read more
  • Learn something new
  • Save money
  • Be a nicer human
  • Get a new job
  • Give more time and money to charity
  • Drink less
  • Sleep more
  • Make new friends