Good workplace relationships are an important aspect of becoming successful at work, allowing you to build a broad coalition of support within an organization.

Here are a few tips to building good workplace relationships:

Be nice to everybody

  • Be pleasant, professional and focus on issues, not the people.
  • Everyone has a part to play in the success of the organization.
  • Think about the way you regard co-workers and and behave toward them. Don’t fall into the trap of basing the way you treat somebody on their perceived value to the organization. Be nice to everyone regardless of their position. 

Be patient

  • Always be patient. This might take some practice.

Learn tact

  • It’s not easy to learn tact, but pausing to think before you speak is a good idea. Choose your words carefully and pick the right time to speak.

Never react emotionally

  • You are trying to build relationships, so it’s best to hold back giving someone a piece of your mind.
  • If you are upset, let some time elapse before you say something you might regret later.

Only try to control those things that you can influence

  • Trying to change things you have no control over will only make you feel more helpless.
  • Work on the things you know you can change.
  • People will see you as someone who knows your constraints and will be more comfortable working with you.

Don’t pick a side in workplace political issues

  • When sides are forming in a political workplace issue it is important that you maintain objectivity and continue to perform your tasks.
  • Think of yourself as Switzerland. You may be able to broker a resolution if you stay neutral.
  • You always have a choice — don’t get sucked into one side over the other, even if you believe in one side more.

This is an excerpt from Velsoft’s course Beyond Workplace Politics. For more information about this course or others, please go to our website.