Following up is an extremely important part of any training program. How this is approached will determine the effectiveness of a training program. Many courses are designed to familiarize or train employees in a new program or method to be used in their work, but without follow-up, you cannot be certain that participants are effectively and appropriately using these methods after training has ceased. These are seven points to be aware of when planning your follow-up.


  • Someone should check to determine whether what was learned is used in practice? Who is accountable and how that accountability is made clear to learners?


  • Depending on the type of course or workshop, this may or may not apply.  Make sure that expectations are clear regarding when all learning should be implemented.


  • Keep the lines of communication open. Often, even after learning, there could be questions or clarifications. Make it clear that someone can answer any follow-up questions, which will better facilitate the transition of learning from the classroom to the workplace.

Expectations before course

  • If you would like a questionnaire or reflection about the prospective coursework to be completed, this must be communicated with enough time for this to happen. Let learners know what materials they may need for the course as well.

Expectations during course

  • Discussing expectations for breaks, questions, comments, discussions etc., before beginning is a good strategy.

Expectations after course

  • These can be tailored depending on the nature of the course, but can include meetings to determine effectiveness, learner feedback regarding the course, reflections to be collected a day or two afterwards, etc.


  • Whether it is appropriate to “test” or “quiz” learners on their knowledge will be determined by the nature of the course, but it is often useful to have learners evaluate the effectiveness and usefulness of the course. Learners can send in an anonymous reflection regarding their thoughts, or the trainer can distribute evaluations at the end.

This is an excerpt from Velsoft’s course Making Training Stick. For more information about this course or others, please go to our website.