This week, with the assistance of Carol (Senior Editor), I set out to create a Velsoft Orchestra based on the personalities that typically play the orchestral instruments. The idea came when I was reading an article by Zoran Mihajlovski called ‘Personality, Intelligence and Musical Instrument’ (stuck in a hotel for the weekend with loads of time on my hands).I give you…. The Velsoft Orchestra!


Instrument Traits Player
Concert Flute shy, private, very pleasant but complicated Sydney
Piccolo Thick skinned, want to be center of attention New Hire
Clarinet bright, alert, confident and sociable Kevin
Saxophone confident, happy, hard worker, well-balanced and gregarious Michael
Oboe social and positive but not part of the crowd Brandon
Bassoon self-confident, gregarious with a quiet sense of humor Scott
Trumpet sociable, fun, ambitious and independent Luke
Baritone gentle, peaceful, responsible- a great team player  New Hire
French Horn meticulous, conscientious, intense, hardworking and persistent Rachael
Trombone artistic, hardworking, quietly sociable and sensitive Jan
Euphonium responsive, not intimidated by things and don’t dwell on problems Ian T
Tuba responsive, good-natured, happy and noticeable Ian S
Violin quietly behaved, know what you want and are willing to make mistakes on your journey Ben
Viola diligent, kindly, patient and forgiving of others Cindy
Cello shy, need the respect of others but don’t like the limelight and your life is balanced Dylan
Double Bass dominate, love a challenge and can overcome most obstacles Jim
Xylophone class clown that uses humor to mask how hard you’re working Dave
Drum kit work hard for the team but like the limelight every once in a while Carol
Secondary Percussion hyperactive and restless  New Hire
Piano hardworking, quietly intelligent and conscientious Keith
Bass guitar great problem solver and just so cool James
Classical Guitar self-reliant and independent and enjoys being alone Sandra


What’s in the Pipeline:

  • Carol and Kevin are still learning all about marketing.
  • Ian S. is compiling a new custom eCourse.
  • Jan is completing the eLearning CA and applying our new course templates
  • Keith is getting ready for our February and March CA course releases.
  • Sydney is working on custom projects.

 Tech topics:

  • Added new theme to select from when creating a course.
  • Work is in progress on badging.
  • Work is in progress on automated expiration reminders.

Course Count:

Courses released this month:

Here is the official count of courses for both courseware and eLearning, broken down by Computer and SoftSkills.

Computer SoftSkills Total Courses
Courseware 284 164 448
eLearning 879 164 1043


Did you know:

  • The Royal Danish Orchestra is the oldest active orchestra. It began in 1448. And no, I did not help start the band!
  • In Vienna they have a Vegetable Orchestra — you guest it, all their instruments are made from vegetables. No tomatoes though — they’re fruits!
  • Interestingly orchestras in the United States are tuned to A440 (Hz) while many European orchestras tune to the traditional A444 (Hz). My son who is studying music at university tells me this is a big deal. He also mentioned Bagpipes tune up to A476 (Hz), hence their absence from orchestras!
  • According to the World Record Academy, the largest orchestra was comprised of 7,548 musicians. They played in Frankfurt, Germany in 2016.