Companies with a highly engaged workforce are more productive, experience less absenteeism, have higher rates of customer satisfaction, and commit fewer errors, according to Sterling, which provides background and identity services around the world.

In a blog entitled Workplace Camaraderie: The Secret Engagement Weapon, Debbie Lamb of Sterling Talent Solutions notes that building camaraderie leads to engaged employees because when a team of people grows together, enjoys each other’s company, and supports each other’s strengths, it grows stronger.

It’s our hope that the Weekly Update is helping to build workplace camaraderie here at Velsoft through getting to know each other better and finding ways to connect. And to that end, today we’re learning some new things about a couple of our co-workers in the production department.


Jan Bates

Jan is a learning architect in the production department at Velsoft. She creates components for new courseware and refresh courses, along with performing quality assurance for eLearning courses. She has worked here for nine years.

Jan holds a Digital Graphic Design diploma from Success Business College and an Interactive Motion Graphics diploma from the Nova Scotia Community College. She previously worked as a stenographer for the Federal Business Development Bank and also at a print shop doing design, bindery, and finishing.

A few fun facts about Jan:

  • Her favorite hobby is photography. She enjoys taking photos of family, animals, and of her travels.
  • If money was not an option, she says she would probably spend the rest of her life travelling and taking photos.
  • The most interesting place she has visited is China. She really enjoyed seeing how different it is from Canada.


Sydney Brown

As mentioned above, Sydney is also a member of the production department. She creates eLearning courses and works on custom projects, and recently celebrated her second anniversary at Velsoft. Sydney worked at Lawtons Drugs before coming to Velsoft. She is a graduate of Northumberland Regional High School.

A few fun facts about Sydney:

  • Her hobbies include crocheting and playing video games.
  • She loves Billy Joel and Twenty One Pilots.
  • She could never live without her pets — Tabby cat Diana, and Bernese Mountain dog Dolly. Diana is named after a character from the anime Sailor Moon and her dog is named after country singer Dolly Parton!
  • Her favorite TV shows are Stranger Things, Lost, and America’s Got Talent.

What’s in the Pipeline

  • Dylan is working on custom projects.
  • Ben is working on custom projects.
  • Jan is working on CA course components and eLearning QA.
  • Sydney is working on custom projects.
  • Carol is writing blogs and working on a project proposal.

Course Count

Courses released this month:

Becoming a Better Learner

Microsoft Outlook Online

Here is the official count of courses for both courseware and eLearning:

Computer SoftSkills Total Courses
Courseware 290 179 469
eLearning 947 178 1125

headshot of Janheadshot of Sydney