Fostering innovation means to create an environment where employees are able to let ideas flow freely; it means being open to new ideas, allowing creativity to flow from all areas, and accepting that not all ideas are going to be multi-million dollar ones.

And not every innovative company has a set rule for doing things the same way; innovation can look different at various companies or even inside departments within a company.

Fostering innovation in your workplace is about finding what works for you and your employees and nurturing that to allow for success; because without innovation, there cannot be success.

Now think of all of the innovating companies out there — which companies first come to mind? Do you think about Google? Amazon? What about If you do a Google search of the top innovative companies, these are the ones that shoot to the top of the list. Now, some of these companies are a common household name, everyone knows who they are and what they do, but some of these companies you may have never heard of before. And that is okay. They are all making a name for themselves when it comes to fostering innovation.

What are these companies doing to generate the success and growth they have continued to see?  At the heart of these companies lies pure, unadulterated innovation.

Check out Carol’s blog “Fostering innovation is crucial for businesses” to gain some insight, then click on the image below to get your printable Fostering Innovation Quick Reference Guide! I’ve also blogged a sample from the Velsoft course, check it out here.

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