Sept. 11 is Make Your Bed Day. I remember the fights about making my bed when I was growing up.  I thought if you just threw the covers in the general vicinity of the pillows that it would be fine — it was covering the bed — mostly… But growing up in a military family (this may be true of all families but I didn’t grow up in those other families, though) my bed had to be totally covered with sheets and blankets relatively centered, tucked under the pillow slightly and never touching the floor.  My father, who was a Chief Warrant Officer, didn’t drop a quarter on the bed to see how high it bounced, but it was always understood that this could happen at any time.

What I’ve come to realize — now with three children of my own — that having a tidy room (and sleeping area) can give you not only a better chance of a good night’s sleep, but can also contribute to better mental health and a more positive attitude about life. Making your bed and tidying up your room can help you take on all the challenges that the day can bring.

This got me to thinking about the value of a clean and tidy workspace. Now anyone who knows me would tell you clean and tidy aren’t words that could be used to describe my desk. I really had no idea of the value of organized work spaces — I try to tell myself that a cluttered desk means I’m working hard! So, I decided to ask my best friend Alexa about it.  I found out some interesting things from her:

  • A messy desk can add to your stress as you try to find things you need and find excuses for why it’s like that (busy person, you know)
  • It limits distractions (oh I remember that conference, oh the pizza shop menu — I’m hungry, how old is that list?)
  • Messy desks are a haven for bacteria, germs, mould and all sorts of nasty things. (that donut from last Thursday tucked in beside your in basket)

So all of this leads me to a question I’ve been asking myself since I started working at Velsoft. What do we do about Dave’s work/sleep space?

Make Your Bed Day