As an avid fan of The X-Files I’ve watched most episodes at least twice. Not only are they entertaining and thought provoking, they also teach some very good life lessons. In honor of Friday the 13th, I’ve compiled my favorite lessons here:

Leave a tip

One of the creepiest episodes (“Rm9sbG93ZXjz,” Season 11, Episode 7) and not just because of the blobfish sushi, the automated sushi bar, automated taxi, home alarms and fireplace run by artificial intelligence, robotic vacuums, the list goes on. In this world of the future the robots are insistent on getting a good tip, so make sure to always leave one, otherwise your life may be in danger. A bonus is the great dialogue in this episode.

If someone really wants to get into your house, they will

For weeks after seeing Eugene Tooms fold himself up in order to go through the wall grate (“Squeeze,” Season 1, Episodes 3 and 21) I looked at our wall grates whenever entering a room. I only check occasionally now.

Careful of who you meet online

Virgil Incanto is a great reason to not go on dating sites. After watching this episode (“2Shy,”, Season 3, Episode 6) I decided to never meet anybody on line. I unfriended, unconnected and deleted anybody I hadn’t already known in person on all my social media.

Don’t get a tattoo

Listening to Jodie Foster (voice of Ed Jerse’s tattoo) all day would be wonderful, except for it telling you to kill women. This episode (“Never Again’” Season 4, Episode 13) turned me off tattoos altogether. But… if it gets you a date with Gillian Anderson… nah!

 When in doubt, leave it to a nerd

Appearing in more than 40 episodes, Byers, Frohike and Langly (The Lone Gunmen) were always there when Mulder and Scully needed a nerd (or two or three). Whether it’s creating forged IDs to get into restricted power plants (‘E.B.E.,’ Season 1, Episode 16), a device that detected interference with regular TV (‘Wetwired,’ Season 3, Episode 23) or trapping themselves in a hallway that gets filled with a deadly virus to protect tens of thousands of people (‘Jump the Shark,’ Season 9, Episode 15), if you need a nerd they will always came through!

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Other lessons from The X-Files:

  • Stay in cheap motels — you’ll meet interesting ‘people’
  • Trust no one
  • Opposites attract
  • Love is complicated
  • Stay out of the woods
  • Bees might not be bees
  • Seeing isn’t always believing
  • The truth is out there — but you’ll never find it