Like Star Wars, you cannot have the light side without the dark side. This is true of most major decisions — there are pros and cons. The good and not so good! This also applies to taking on a progressive attitude at your workplace enroute to becoming a progressive employer.

Pros and Cons

Let’s look at the pros first.

  • Being a progressive employer makes you a desirable employer and will help with recruiting.
  • Being part of a progressive team is good for employee morale.
  • Progressive organizations are more likely to have diverse workforces.
  • Progressive employers are open to change, can identify areas for change, and will change to stay relevant.
  • A company that is progressive has a competitive advantage over regressive or stagnant ones because it’s usually aware of changes that are coming and that may be beneficial.

Now, come to the dark side for a moment.

  • Do not eliminate something that works well just for the sake of being progressive.
  • Do not ride every new trend just to keep up with the times, assess first, then apply.
  • Some people don’t like change, it’s as simple as that. Therefore, developing into a progressive employer may upset some workers.
  • Sometimes change can be costly, whether you are replacing obsolete technology or reworking an entire system.
  • A company cannot just copy another’s steps to being progressive. Each company is unique and has its own set of challenges that must be addressed within their own framework. A progressive employer can’t follow a cookie cutter approach to becoming progressive, it takes time.

Activity Idea

Pros and Cons

Divide the group into pairs and have each pair come up with at least one pro and one con about being a progressive employer.

After several minutes, bring the groups together and have them share their findings. List them on a flip chart and leave them up in the classroom along with the letters from the icebreaker.

Other pros and cons could be:


·         Progressive employers have less staff turnover.

·         Progressive companies waste less money because they look for innovative ways to save and do things.

·         Progressive companies earn good reputations and that often helps draw clients and more business.


·         It’s often easier to remain with the status quo.

·         Pressure can come from being progressive and the desire to remain at the forefront of HR practices, employee relations, and technological savvy.

·         Half measures do not work, you can’t be a ‘little bit’ progressive. It takes a full commitment.

This is an excerpt from Velsoft’s Becoming a Progressive Employer course. Get more information here.