What have I learned since coming on board with the Velsoft team a few months ago?

I now know what a learning management system is, why search engine optimization is important, and a little bit about marketing. I also know how to be a better listener, and how to write blogs!

Some of these things I’ve learned from on-the-job training, some from research and some from our courses.

And what I now know about our courses is that at Velsoft Training Materials, we work hard to make sure they offer the best information available to us, which is meaningful, useful, and relevant for trainers and human resources professionals.

We think our courses provide trainers with materials they can trust, along with giving learners the knowledge and skills to make a difference in their lives.

And we work to make them the best we can, offering you ways to give your clients an advantage.

Much of the information contained in our courses stands the test of time. But in this ever-changing world, ideas and techniques are always evolving. And here at Velsoft, we’re trying to keep pace with that.

We want our customers – existing ones and those who haven’t found us yet – to have the very best resources in order to help people become better educated employees, and enriched and capable supervisors and managers who have the necessary skills to navigate today’s business world.

To that end, we’ve begun a new process for updating our courses — called Refresh — with the eventual goal of having every course renewed so that we don’t ever have any courses that are more than 12 months old.

In the past, courses were updated based on client feedback, but now all of our courses will be reviewed on a regular basis, adding the latest and most beneficial information about each subject.

It’s an ambitious task, with 448 courses in our catalogue.

I’ve taken on this assignment with the help of our researcher Ian, who provides me with the most up-to-date material for each topic.

As mentioned, I’m a new Velsoftian (as production manager Kevin likes to call Velsoft employees), with a background in news reporting and editing. So, I’m accustomed to sifting through piles of research and notes to find the important and necessary information and disseminating it to others.

What I’m not used to doing is writing this type of piece, but that’s what this is all about – learning and improving. This applies to our offerings from Velsoft as well as to the skills of others in workplaces around the globe.

I hope you enjoy our products that have undergone the Refresh process. Check them out here.