An excerpt from Velsoft’s new course Microsoft 365 Part 2 focusing on Delve.

What is Delve?

Delve provides quick, easy access to documents, people, conversations, and activities linked to your user account. Users will only see documents they already have permissions to; items not shared with them will never be accessible.

To open Delve, log into your Office 365 account. Then, click the Delve tile on your landing page or from the app launcher pane:

 The Delve home page will then be displayed:

The most popular and relevant documents will immediately be displayed, but you can also use the navigation pane on the left to view your items, favorite items, and the pages of people you are associated with.

Search Using Delve

To find a particular item in Delve, type the search term(s) in the Search field on the left side. Results will be displayed as you type:

Add Results to Favorites

To add any Delve item to your favorites, click the bookmark icon in the bottom left corner of it:

The item can now be viewed by clicking the Favorites link on the left side of the window.

Share with Delve

To share an item, click the three dots:

 Then, click “Who can see this?”:

Instructor Tip: You can also use the “Send a link” and “Copy link” commands to provide quick access to the file for users who already have permissions.

Use Boards

Boards in Delve act like folders, giving you the ability to manage search results and frequent documents. Your boards will also be available to others in your organization. To manage your boards, click the stacked icon in the bottom left of any Delve search result:

In the dialog that appears, enter the name of the board you want to add the result to. Or, enter a unique name to create a new board:

Once you press Enter, the Delve result will be added to the specified board (and the board will be created, if necessary):

You can now add the results to more boards, or close the pop-up window to go back to Delve.

 Once you close this window, the selected board will be displayed by default:

You can access boards from the navigation pane, and share or remove them using the commands at the top of the board window:

 To remove an item from a board, click the stacked icon again to open the pop-up dialog. Here, you can click the X to remove the item from a board:

You can also add the item to other boards by typing the appropriate name in the “Add to a board” field.