pile of phones- imagine the ringtones

This week I surveyed the Velsoftians to find out what ringtones were on their phones and why (Thank you for the idea Sandra!). Here are the responses:

  • Dave (Account Manager) – Old fashioned ring with a phone buzz
  • Scott (Account Manager) – Regular phone ringtone… (I had some “custom” ones on my last phone but they were not always appropriate for an office environment.)
  • John (Illustrator) – Mine sounds like a telephone, that’s the way it came, and I hung it on the wall. I have no cell reception here in the hills of Meadowville.
  • Jan (eLearning Programmer) – Mine is boring… I just use the default one!
  • Nathan (Systems Programmer) – I have no idea! I hate getting phone calls (and have considered changing my voicemail to a request to not leave a voicemail), and almost always leave the phone on vibrate. Plus, I’m really nitpicky about what’s allowed to notify me on my phone, and have disabled notifications or made them silent for almost every app I have installed.
  • Jordan (Software Programmer) – I keep my cellphone on silent all of the time because the vibration setting works for me.
  • Keith (Production Lead) – mine is bagpipes – at least I can hear them!
  • Sandra (Office Manager) – ringer is always off 😊
  • Dylan (Audio/Video Marketing) – I actually had to check because I have my phone set to silent 99% of the time. I guess my ringtone is ‘Radiate’ one of the iPhone defaults, not sure why I would have picked that one, probably the least conspicuous option.
  • Carol (Senior Editor) – I use the one that came with the phone because I can’t be bothered to take the time to figure out how to change it! 😊
  • Bonnie (Account Manager) –  My ring tone is set to vibrate.
  • Cindy (Account Manager) – Old school telephone ring
  • Jean (International) – Jingle Bells https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq73h6XZQGA
  • Brandon (Software Programmer) – My ringtone is called Zen (on Google Pixel) I chose this one because it’s the least annoying.

What’s in the Pipeline:

  • Carol and Kevin were too noisy so now they have been assigned Marketing duties.
  • Ian S. is compiling a new custom eCourse.
  • Jan is completing the eLearning CA and finalizing our new course templates
  • Keith is getting ready for our February and March CA course releases.
  • Sydney is working on custom projects.

 Tech topics:

  • Fixed an issue causing instructional designers not being able to create courses.
  • Fixed an issue causing adding a background image to the homepage not to work.
  • Work is in progress on automated expiry notifications.
  • Work is in progress on badging.

Course Count:

Courses released today:

Here is the official count of courses for both courseware and eLearning, broken down by Computer and SoftSkills.

Computer SoftSkills Total Courses
Courseware 284 164 448
eLearning 874 163 1037


Did you know:

Here are some interesting facts about ringtones from the June 1, 2005 Forbes article: What Does Your Ringtone Say About You?

  •  People do judge you by your ringtone
  • To the nitty gritty in what your ringtone signals to other people
    • Classic rock – you’re old
    • Having a standard ring tone can be considered uncool
    • Hip-hop or R&B — your hip (but since half of the people have it too, perhaps not original)
    • If you use your own voice people could see you as self-obsessed
    • Old phone bell — you’re not really funny
    • TV show theme — not in MENSA
    • Never leaves vibrate or silence — Considerate and respectful
    • Animal noises — you may be sociopathic