You’ve made the decision – it’s time for your business to embrace eLearning.

Okay, so now what?

The first step is acquiring an LMS – a learning management system. You can’t deliver eLearning without one, so that sounds like the logical place to begin.

You search and read and test and review to come to your decision. Flushed with the success of choosing a platform, you eagerly sit at your desk and enter into this exciting field.

A few hours later the flush of success has turned to the crimson of frustration. This isn’t easy, not at all.

You thought that it would simply be a matter of choosing an LMS, sitting at your computer and uploading your training materials to create eLearning versions of your courses. But that’s not the way this world works, it’s often an onerous chore to get your courses from A to B.

“We saw that pain and designed our LMS to take it away,” Velsoft CEO Jim Fitt said. “Our developers always kept ease-of-use forefront in their minds while building our platform.”

Velsoft began life as a content company and that’s where its expertise grew. Over time, the company’s focus expanded to eLearning as well.

With that development, Velsoft had to get courses into eLearning and faced the dilemma mentioned above. Instead of sourcing an LMS from an external vendor, the company undertook the challenge of developing its own.

It was a successful enterprise. Velsoft knew from research what didn’t work and built a system that did.

“Our LMS has a user-centered design that is very easy to implement, with an exceptionally well designed editor,” Fitt said. “We make it our business to learn our customers’ business and we integrated their feedback and in-house testing to make a product that keeps improving and innovating. We also knew that, although the learning curve with our LMS is very shallow, it was incumbent upon us to offer outstanding technical support, and that’s what we do.”

Since it was developed for Velsoft’s use, the company decided to offer it to eLearning customers. You can purchase content from Velsoft and use it in your own LMS, or take your own content and use it in the Velsoft LMS, or purchase Velsoft content and use it in the Velsoft LMS. The choice is yours.