Sometimes you want to share a bit of information to everyone who has you listed as a contact without directly sending them a message. That’s where personal notes are useful in Skype for Business.
Personal notes are short lines of text that appear on your contact card and will be shown to anyone who has you added to their Contacts list. They are intended to give you a way to provide more information to your contacts about your status and whatever you may currently be doing.
To add a personal note, first click inside the text field that appears in the speech balloon at the top of the Skype for Business window:

Inside of this text box you can type a message.Once you are done, press the Enter key on your keyboard to apply it:

Now everyone who has you as a contact will see this note displayed just below your name in their Contacts list.

To remove a personal note, click inside of the same text box and press Backspace until all of the text is gone and press Enter. The text inside of this box will revert back to the default placeholder text.

There you go. A simple way to let the world, or at least the slice of it that has you as a contact, know what you are up to with just a glance.

This is an excerpt from Velsoft’s Skype for Business computer skills course. To learn more about this course, click here