Hello? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

Maybe I’m dating myself with a movie reference to “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” but I remember the teacher in that movie taking attendance at the front of the room, and how he tried to elicit a reaction and got nothing.

It feels like that sometimes when we’re working in the social spaces, doesn’t it? You create this WOW status update that announces a product or service that’s going to change your business… you click on Post or Publish… and then you wait. And after you’ve waited a while, you wait some more. No one likes your post. No one shares it. No one says a word in the comments section. It’s like you didn’t say a thing.

The truth is that you didn’t get a reaction because you didn’t say a thing. You didn’t say anything that your audience wanted. Nuttin’. Nada.

Many companies are still approaching social media like it’s just another place to hang a billboard, add some flashing lights, and start broadcasting. That’s really 2013, okay?

Social selling is very different. It’s social. It’s evolved to be the way that people really want to get to know your company. Rather than you sending out a message that says “Buy here!,” your customers, and indeed your raving fans, will say, “Buy there because I did.” It’s a pretty stark difference, where you as the company need to work harder than ever because your highly sparkled advertising campaign is not going to connect with people. Instead, the people working for your company are going to make connections to people outside the company. Those people will decide how they feel about your company, what your brand stands for, and whether they think you are worthy of their precious shopping dollars.

When it comes to social selling, you’re in the midst of people and ideas and great things. They will direct the buying process, and they will determine your sales cycle.

Are you ready for social selling?