Do you know of a company that goes above and beyond to protect its workers at home and abroad? Do you work with an organization that protects the environment while growing its bottom line? Or perhaps you’ve read about a company that sets high ethical standards for itself as well as its contractors and suppliers. If so, you’ve already been introduced to corporate social responsibility.

Let’s look at some additional aspects of corporate social responsibility that communications company Telus practices. Some of the more interesting aspects of their corporate responsibility programs include:

* A four-way evaluation of all suppliers that includes human rights, resource usage, environmental impact, and disclosure policies

* An ongoing commitment to reducing paper purchases, resulting in an 80% decrease over 15 years

* Three international community boards to oversee contributions to community charities in Guatemala, the Philippines, and El Salvador

* Involvement in disaster relief efforts in Canada and the Philippines

In addition, Telus provides an interactive, in-depth report each year at These reports highlight social responsibility in different areas and outline plans for the coming year. You can also download reports dating back to 2000 to see how their social responsibility initiatives have evolved.