Coffee is nearly as important to Velsoft as the Internet.

And considering we’re an online business, that’s saying a lot. But it’s not far from the truth.

Our coffee maker hardly ever stops running during the workday and a steady stream of employees troop to the kitchen to get some of the brown gold.

That’s where the problem lies.

We all like our gold in different shades of brown.

Some like coffee with milk, some like cream and sugar, and some, like myself, drink their coffee black.

With so much coffee being consumed during the run of a day we often deplete our resources of whitener, either milk or cream.

That’s what turned me to drinking mine black – the frequent lack of any way to tame the bite of a bitter cup of java. I figured it won’t kill me to drink it black and, so far, it hasn’t.

Everyone around here drinks, two, three, or four cups of coffee a day – not to mention the ones they have at home.

As you can imagine, when we run out of milk, it’s a major disaster. You wouldn’t believe the wailing and whining when that happens.

People go into instant withdrawal when they can’t have a coffee. It’s like a bunch of addicts going cold turkey, even after just an hour.

It stresses me enough that I have to go get a coffee.

Black, no sugar.