Pressed for time? Pressed for learning?

That’s pretty common these days and it looks like one vision of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) learning aims to address that.

The NOOC (Nano Open Online Course) is the next step as discussed by Zaid Ali Alsagoff in his blog (

Nano is defined as being ‘very small or minute’ and this version appears to fit the bill.

Alsagoff says these new type of short courses will focus on a single skill or competency at a time and are beneficial to both learners: “Yes, a NOOC is more granular, chunked, digestible, meaningful (evidence) and juicy!” and facilitators: “You need only to sacrifice one week for NOOCing, and perhaps one to two weeks preparing for it (as you should already be an expert in what you want to NOOC).”

A launch date is scheduled for early September by the Learning Innovation Circle on the OpenLearning Platform.

It’s another step in online learning.

How far will we go?