How much do you know about cannabis and its legalization?

In Canada, the use of recreational cannabis is now legal. Even if you’ve been following the news and think you have a fairly good idea of what this means for you, have you thought about how this might impact your workplace?

While recreational cannabis is legal in only two countries – Uruguay is the other one – its consumption can also be a concern as many nations around the world have legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Many other countries and states have also decriminalized its use.

Although the laws on growing, selling, possessing and consuming the drug vary greatly from one jurisdiction to another, it’s important to know about the potential issues its use can create in the workplace, whether you live in Canada or in another country.

It’s also crucial for workplaces everywhere to develop a proactive policy regarding drugs and alcohol.

Velsoft, an industry leading provider of customizable training materials, is offering two resources that will help you navigate this issue and keep employees safe while at work. Conversations That Matter: Cannabis Awareness is a free resource, available as a download. It gives an overview of the history of cannabis, the difference between decriminalization and legalization, workplace impacts, and why developing a policy is necessary.

As well, Velsoft offers Cannabis and the Workplace, a course that focuses on what you need to know about the drug and its use, whether that’s recreational or medical. The course discusses how cannabis affects a person, how to recognize the signs of impairment, the legal rights of employers and employees regarding its use, and how to develop a drug and alcohol policy.

“This course will teach employers everything they need to know about the risks involved, and also the steps to take to prepare their workplace with safety and education in the forefront,” says Velsoft CEO Jim Fitt.

Being aware is the first step and these resources will provide the knowledge and guidance you need to become prepared.

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Conversations That Matter: Cannabis Awareness:

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