Everything in moderation – that can apply to eating or drinking or working. Yes, working. If you find yourself slaving away for hours without end each day, there comes a point where either you will resent your situation, or burn out completely. Neither option is preferable. You need some sort of work-life balance.

No longer is it a badge of honor to work yourself into an early grave. As the old saying goes ‘there’s no one’s headstone that says I wish I spent more time at the office.’

But with modern technology it’s harder than ever to make a break from the office, there’s always email to check, texts to respond to, or a phone call to make.

I’ve read that some companies turn off email servers at the end of the work day while in other places I’ve heard there is a proposal afoot to make it illegal for a company to contact an employee while they are on vacation or sick leave.

Things don’t have to be quite that extreme, but sometimes a break from the day-to-day work routine can work wonders.

Forbes has a very interesting article on work-life balance. The six tips it suggests are:

  • Let go of perfectionism
  • Unplug
  • Exercise and meditate
  • Limit time-wasting activities and people
  • Change the structure of your life
  • Start small. Build from there.

It’s a good article.

You should read it – if you have the time.