The pictures are everywhere – refugees fleeing their homelands for safety, to the chance of a better life.

Some pictures are galvanizing, like the one of the three-year-old Syrian boy face down in the surf on a Turkish beach. All send a message.

The message is that we can’t overlook others, we’re all part of the same world.

This blog usually discusses the workplace or learning, or the goings-on in our office, but this one is a little different.

As I watched the various newscasts and read story after story on the web, I couldn’t help but think ‘We’re a global company, we’ve got customers around the world. Some of those refugees could be our customers or could have contacted us in the past. I may have spoken to some on the phone.’

It really makes you think. It makes this crisis hit a little closer to home.

The vision of Velsoft Training Materials is to reach every learner on the planet. Those people on the run – hoping for a brighter future – are learning lessons the hard way, but they deserve more.

That’s where we as a community can step in. As you sit there at your desk, or on your commute from work, reading this on your laptop or smartphone, take a moment to think how lucky we are. Now think about the refugees.

Now think about what you can do to help. We can all do something.

We’re in this together.