There’s a street near our office that I cross daily to get to work.

The other day I saw a driver lock his brakes and almost rear-end a car that had stopped for me at a marked crosswalk. I crossed and looked at the young driver of the second car who, as soon as he started to drive away, had his head down again so he could read what was on his phone. Perhaps the one thing he should have been doing well was concentrating on his driving.

This is an example of multitasking at its worst, doing more than one thing at a time and doing nothing well.

Focus, focus, focus. Do one thing, do a good job and move on.

That’s the message that’s swirling around multitasking. There is research that says multitasking has more drawbacks than benefits and it may even have negative mental health effects.

This article (,,20707868,00.html) has plenty of useful information on multitasking and its various drawbacks.

There are ways to break that cycle of trying to juggle too many tasks at once and the illusion that it’s productive.

Take a look at this article ( ), and pay close attention to the tips on how to break the habit.

So, sit down, focus and get to work, on just one thing please.