We’ve got an addiction problem here at the office.

One day it might be muffins, or cookies, or granola bars, or cake, or donair egg rolls…mmmmmm, donair egg rolls.

Another day it might be marshmallow squares, pastries, or cinnamon rolls.

These temptations appear thanks to Tara in our accounting department, then quickly disappear thanks to the rest of us. To say that Tara has a talent for baking is like saying that Wayne Gretzky was a good hockey player.

But – hard to believe – there’s a downside to these sweet treats.

I don’t like to complain, especially in this case, but have you heard the phrase ‘killing us with kindness’? It’s not far off the mark here. These goodies are just too hard to resist, so we don’t.

That has a negative effect on our waistlines.

You can say we should exert self-control and walk away from the baked goods after two or three or four cookies, maybe five. But it just ain’t that easy. They’re harder to resist than popping bubble wrap.

That’s why they are called ‘baked goods’ because they’re good.

Besides, it would be insulting to Tara not to eat them. We do it out of a sense of teamwork and duty. It’s not because we really want to. Heavens no.

So I see this as Tara’s problem and it’s up to her to solve it.

I’m not even going to mention all the bowls of candy she brings in.