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CoursewareAssurance™ - 2 new courses for May

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CoursewareAssurance™ - 2 new courses for May

Each month, our in-house course writers develop 2 new courses to add to our training library. This May, we released a new Computer Skills course and a new Soft Skills course, bringing our library up to 410 courseware titles. Here are the 2 new courses we released for May:

Outlook 2016: Part 1

The first course in this two-part series to teach Outlook 2016 covers getting started with Outlook, composing messages, reading and responding to messages, managing calender and contacts, working with tasks, customizing Outlook and much more.

Developing a Safety Procedures Manual

This one-day program guides your students through the steps required to create a comprehensive but easy-to-understand safety procedures manual for the workplace. Topics covered include safety procedures, flowcharts, procedure writing, procedure building and much more.

As a Velsoft customer, you may subscribe to our CoursewareAssurance (CA) program. Those who are subscribed to CA receive our 2 new course releases at the beginning of each month to keep their training library up to date. You can learn more about this program here:


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